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We’re over the moon – the HJ British Business Awards have announced that we are a finalist for the Innovation Of The Year Award!

This means so much to us – not only is it direct recognition from the hairdressing industry itself, it’s also coming from the highest level.  From day one we’ve strived to offer truly innovative solution to salons that they can’t find anywhere else, and clients often tell us they feel we are one of the most progressive companies they’ve come across.  To receive this nod from the industry as a whole for being innovators is just fantastic, so please forgive us for any gleeful gloating 😉

This is what Jayne Lewis-Orr, Hairdressing Journal International’s Executive Director, says:

Photo of Jayne Lewsi-Orr

“It is a great honour to have gappt in the industry, setting new benchmarks for others to follow, helping the UK hairdressing industry retain its position as the most highly esteemed in the world.  The future looks incredibly bright as our recession-resistant sector forecasts women’s haircare products sales alone to grow 9% to reach £1.5 billion by 2020*.  In the hands of phenomenal business thinkers like gappt, we can see why. “

*Mintel Report (2016) ‘Because he’s worth it’


Some of our innovations

The creatives and techies in our gappt Lab are a restless bunch, always working on innovative solutions to tackle industry bugbears.  All these innovations we deliver UNDER YOUR OWN BRAND so your clients have a smooth, non-interrupted journey and think it’s all coming straight from you.

Here are just some of our innovations that make it easier for your clients to do business with you:

Visual showing the quick request panel from gappt for easy online salon booking Visual showing appointment availability at a glance for salon clients Visual showing availability alerts on mobile salon apps provided by gappt Visual showing the 2-way sms communication between salon and client as provided by gappt Visual showing the automated up-selling feature from gappt Visual showing the Message Centre on salon mobile apps provided by gappt Visual showing the payment feature on salon mobile apps provided by gappt Visual showing a list of innovations gappt has completed


#1. The Quick Request Panel

A digital shop window for your (late) availability on your website.  Highly effective at converting web visitors into appointments – 22% from new clients!


#2. ‘At a Glance’ Availability

The way gappt allows you to show your availability is an entirely new approach and gives the quickest answer to clients wondering “When can I come in?”.  There is no need for them to register and account or login, no need to go through various steps and answer a multitude of questions – it’s all there, presented ‘on a plate’, to tempt them in.


#3. Automated Availability Alerts

Instantly notify groups of clients when a cancellation has come in with their stylist of choice via free push notifications.  It’s all automated via integration with your booking system.  No more stand-by lists and calling round!


#4. Two-way SMS

Clients are on their phone all the time, but not to make calls – it’s all about messaging.  gappt provides your business with 2-way SMS so your clients can interact with reception the way they like best, smiley faces and all.  No more waiting on the phone or voices being drowned out by blow driers.  And your reception team will be happy to spend less time on the phone themselves!


#5. Automated up-selling

Why rely only on your staff to do the up-selling, when often they are too busy or lack confidence?  With gappt, you can prompt the client to upgrade at the point where they are making the request, without interrupting the process.  It’s a slick and easy way to up the value of their booking!


#6. Message Centre

The most powerful and interactive messaging centre available.  Think of it as an inbox on your clients’ mobile devices solely dedicated to you.  No clutter from anybody else.  It makes your communication much stickier and easy to action, whether it’s a promotion, push notification, picture, video, or even a PDF!


#7. Payment Options

A simple yet highly effective deterrent for no-shows, you can now securely collect clients’ credit card details without having to create a merchant account.  Choose to take card details and only charge in case of a no-show, or take deposits and full payments when the request is made.


This is merely a selection of our innovations, and as we continually add new ones, the list just keeps on growing.  Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog so you’re the first to know what’s next.


Want to offer more convenience to your clients?

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If you’re at the Awards Ceremony on the 12th of September, come say hello!  We’ll be there with bells on.