gappt & i-Salon: last-minute booking as you’ve never seen it before

i-Salon ad for their Salon Internationl Stand


We are very excited to announce that i-Salon have chosen gappt as their exclusive salon-branded mobile app technology provider.  i-Salon, the original booking software provider to the UK health and beauty industry, have a number of industry firsts to their name (e.g. the first to launch a computerised appointment book, the first to launch online booking), and power 1000’s of successful hair and beauty businesses with their salon management software.


gappt are working closely with i-Salon and their clients so they can benefit from gappt’s innovative solutions to fill last-minute availability, while customers can book themselves directly in to the diary.


Watch the video to see how it works, and visit i-Salon’s stand at Salon International this weekend (10,11 & 12 October at London ExCel) at Stand E190.




British HJ Business Innovation Awards 2014


gappt & The Chapel Hairdressing shortlisted for the 2014 British Hairdressing Journal Business Innovation Award

London, 08 September 2014 – In an increasingly digital world how can hair salons and spas get in the minds and hands of their customers?

There are a number of tech tools available to salon owners these days, but when it comes to marketing your late availability appointments, nothing surpasses It combines mobile technology with a simple yet powerful cloud-based communication and marketing platform that allows salon owners to engage with new and existing clients, bringing customer loyalty to a new level.

Developed with the input of award-winning salons and spas in the UK, such as The Chapel, Taylor Taylor London, and Rossano Ferretti, to name a few, gappt impacts the bottom line while giving clients a channel to discover products, and get appointments with their favourite stylists — at the time that is convenient for them.

It comes as no surprise that gappt was shortlisted for the 2014 British Hairdressing Journal Business Innovation Awards together with The Chapel Hairdressing. According to gappt co-founder and CEO, AJ Toor, what makes the platform unique is that “gappt-powered apps are fully branded and customisable, offering businesses of any size the opportunity to stay top-of-mind with existing customers and to grow their client base directly — without having to rely on third-party websites that take commission or demand heavy discounting.”

AJ Toor worked in investment banking before launching gappt, and he quickly understood the business model of salons, how mobile devices could enable them to increase revenues: “unlike traditional static online booking systems which expose the salons’ diary, hand-over control of the appointment book, and offer little in the way of branded marketing, the gappt platform intelligently publishes and markets specific white space under the salons brand achieving a perfect balance between convenience for the customer and control for the salon owner.”

gappt puts salons’ brands literally in your customers’ hearts and hands. Its features provide a superior level of convenience to new and existing customers, creating much higher rates of engagement to your salon and giving clients greater awareness of everything the salon and spa has to offer.

To find out more about gappt-powered apps visit gappt website at
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• Download the apps of The Chapel Hairdressing, Rossano Ferretti, and your favourite salons and spas.
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5 ways to increase customer loyalty

With clients being on their mobile devices 95% of their time, it makes sense to be where they are.  Up to recently branded platforms of communication were considered a luxury that only the most established brands could afford.  Not anymore. gappt has developed an accessible mobile platform that puts your business in your customers’ hands.

Here is how:

1. Brand your salon

When your customers download the app to their mobiles it means they that they can book appointments on the go.  An easy, efficient, reliable way of having your brand in front of their eyes.


2. Tell your stories

You can let your clients know about new services and products.

3. They can engage everywhere

It is not only through their mobile devices. gappt platform can be accessed from desktops, be embedded in your Facebook page, making it easier to engage with your Facebook fans.

4. Messages increase customer loyalty

Texting brings them closer to you, and you can build long lasting relationships.

5. The world is social

Customers love to share and they can do that at the touch of a button via Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS – to spread the word about your salon to their friends.


Owning the Relationship With Your Clients

You should take singer Adele’s advice on owning the channel of communications with your consumer base.

Her success in acquiring and maintaining a fan base results from the use of branded social platforms to engage with her consumers in very meaningful ways. allows you to do just that.

One of the main benefits of having a branded app is that you can strengthen your relationship with existing clients and grow your client base.

Our clients have been doing this, and noticed a substantial increase of booking requests. How did they do it?

They tell every client that the best channel to check appointment availability with them is through the app.  Unlike traditional booking apps gappt does not  expose the full diary – the salon remains in control of the booking confirmation process.  This unique feature provides the perfect balance between convenience,  control for the salon,  while retaining a personal touch.  It also increases clients’ awareness of the services and products offered by the salon.

Once their customers see the convenience of booking they also discover that they can actually build a closer relationship, they can ask questions, and discuss possible treatments and styles.

All this before they get to the salon, so when they arrive for their appointment they are already in sync, having briefed the stylist in the changes he/she wants to make, and having received trusted, professional advice.

Stylists benefit from being proactive about letting their clients know about this new channel of communication, gaining trust and taking client loyalty to a whole new level. It is technology enabling people to make meaningful connections.

The cost of new customer acquisition is lowered too. Clients themselves can recommend and share the app to their friends with the touch of a button. And the best clients are usually those who are recommended, the level of trust that springs from word-of-mouth in unbeatable. For it is trust that underscores the best, long term, business relationships.

Call us today to request a demo and see how you can take your business further. #gappt

5 Questions for Anthony Whitaker

Smart Management

We had the privilege to ask Anthony Whitaker a few questions. He is the reference in short management courses for salon owners and stylists, worldwide. Take a tour of his sharp and to-the-point website.  You will be glad you did.

5 Questions for Anthony Whitaker

Gappt – What management trends you foresee for the industry in 2014/2015?

Anthony –  Long term I think people are looking for a variety of employment models. The traditional employee/employer model isn’t working for many and I believe we will see more cooperative type business models in all shapes and sizes.

What do salon owners look for when signing up for management courses?

Practical real world solutions to their problems… not hyped up irrelevant theory. And a magic wand…

Which management books are at your bedside?

Ctrl Alt Delete by Mitch Joel and ‘GROW 4 Marketing’, still in draft form [I’m the author].

Technology enables salon owners to save time: in accounting, booking appointments, and through their online presence – we have seen a revolution in the last ten years. What is next?

The challenge now is to make marketing and the access to your inbox authentic, and build real relationships.

What social media channels do you recommend for a salon owner that needs to build a client base in a new location?

The one your target markets are on…for most hairdressers that usually means FB, Instagram.

#anthonywhitaker #growmysalonbusiness #gappt #smartmanagement

Read more:

“Too many hairdressers find out too late that being a great stylist is not enough when it comes to launching their own salon business,” said Whitaker. “I want to condense what I’ve learned over three decades as a successful hairdresser and business owner to give owners and managers the tools they need to build and lead a great team and run a profitable business.”   With over three decades of industry experience as a hairdresser, Vidal Sasoon Creative Director and salon owner, Whitaker has expounded his knowledge to over 250 000 stylists in over forty countries worldwide.”


Booked out for 3 months?!



One of the key benefits of having your own gappt-powered app is that you can directly build your own audience. As your audience grows, you will receive more booking requests and fill last minute appointments quicker (especially those resulting from last minute cancellations). One of our clients has been particularly effective in doing this, so much so that he receives 95% of booking requests through his app and is typically booked out 2 to 3 months ahead. How did he manage this? Here’s what you can learn from him:


  • From the get go, he told every client ‘this is the best way to check my availability’ when they came in for treatment, communicating a clear reason for using the app
  • He sends out quarterly newsletters about his app, what it’s for and how to get it
  • He has side-tabs on his website directing visitors to his app (gappt provide these to all our clients – if you’re not sure how to get these, click here
  • He added his app’s download link to his email signature, calling it ‘Late availability & cancellation app’
By having a clear message about what his app is for, and being proactive about letting his clients know about it, he quickly gained a sizeable audience for it.  What’s more, the ease of managing booking requests has saved him hiring a PA!

Read more about how to promote your app
Questions about promoting your app? Ask us

3 ways apps for salons can build your clientele

Glass Salon push notification


With the ever-expanding array of technological tools available to modern businesses, how can you get your salon to stand out from the crowd, get noticed and get more clients?  gappt-powered apps are fully branded and customisable, offering a unique platform for businesses of any size to stay top-of-mind for existing customers and build their audience directly without having to rely on third-party websites that take commission or demand heavy discounting.


gappt’s customised apps have proven to be highly effective for salons like Taylor Taylor London, The Chapel and Glass Salon.  Here three simple ways in how they are reaping the rewards:


1. Raise awareness of promotions

The push notifications feature means your salon can directly notify users of any ongoing promotions and last-minute availability.  The beauty of push notifications through gappt is that users of the app can themselves select which notifications they’d like to receive and when (not everyone is interested in the same thing or at the same time!).  So Lucy can sign up to be notified about last-minute blow-dry appointments, while Sarah can ask to be notified about waxing promotions.  With each push alert instantly redirecting users to the corresponding page of the app, gappt’s notification feature is guaranteed to capture your clients’ attention, and is one of the most effective ways to get more clients through the door.


 2. Get referrals and spread the word

gappt apps don’t just allow you to send push notifications and show users your availability for last-minute appointments; your clients can also refer your promotions or available appointment slots to friends.  They can even refer friends to the entire app easily at the touch of a button. With full social media integration for all gappt-powered apps, this means your promotions and empty appointment slots can easily be shared with new and existing clients with minimal effort.

This is one of the surest ways of increasing your clientele, as sales conversions are much more likely among users who have been referred to your services by someone they know.  It also automatically establishes your salon as trusted and reliable.


3. Engage and communicate

One of the most innovative features of gappt apps which is proven to increase bookings and clientele for salons is the ability to communicate directly with clients via the salon’s customised app – without having to call!  Texting overtook calling over 3 years ago as it’s less hassle and more discreet, so gappt have added quick messaging as a key feature.  Clients can simply ping off an appointment requests or enquiry that instantly go to your salon’s desktop or mobile in real time and let you quickly ping a message back.  gappt also offers an integrated online chat feature so you can have real-time interaction with your clients, helping to convert enquiries into appointments.


Developing a branded app for your salon with gappt gives you the freedom to create a tailored app that really lets your brand shine – unlike templated apps.  Its features provide a while new level of convenience to new and existing customers that will help you achieve much higher rates of engagement and greater awareness of everything your salon has to offer.  Then, the referrals functionality lets your clients do your marketing for you.


To find out more on how gappt-powered apps could build your salon’s client base, contact us today on 0207 4930333, or live chat on