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With the ever-expanding array of technological tools available to modern businesses, how can you get your salon to stand out from the crowd, get noticed and get more clients?  gappt-powered apps are fully branded and customisable, offering a unique platform for businesses of any size to stay top-of-mind for existing customers and build their audience directly without having to rely on third-party websites that take commission or demand heavy discounting.


gappt’s customised apps have proven to be highly effective for salons like Taylor Taylor London, The Chapel and Glass Salon.  Here three simple ways in how they are reaping the rewards:


1. Raise awareness of promotions

The push notifications feature means your salon can directly notify users of any ongoing promotions and last-minute availability.  The beauty of push notifications through gappt is that users of the app can themselves select which notifications they’d like to receive and when (not everyone is interested in the same thing or at the same time!).  So Lucy can sign up to be notified about last-minute blow-dry appointments, while Sarah can ask to be notified about waxing promotions.  With each push alert instantly redirecting users to the corresponding page of the app, gappt’s notification feature is guaranteed to capture your clients’ attention, and is one of the most effective ways to get more clients through the door.


 2. Get referrals and spread the word

gappt apps don’t just allow you to send push notifications and show users your availability for last-minute appointments; your clients can also refer your promotions or available appointment slots to friends.  They can even refer friends to the entire app easily at the touch of a button. With full social media integration for all gappt-powered apps, this means your promotions and empty appointment slots can easily be shared with new and existing clients with minimal effort.

This is one of the surest ways of increasing your clientele, as sales conversions are much more likely among users who have been referred to your services by someone they know.  It also automatically establishes your salon as trusted and reliable.


3. Engage and communicate

One of the most innovative features of gappt apps which is proven to increase bookings and clientele for salons is the ability to communicate directly with clients via the salon’s customised app – without having to call!  Texting overtook calling over 3 years ago as it’s less hassle and more discreet, so gappt have added quick messaging as a key feature.  Clients can simply ping off an appointment requests or enquiry that instantly go to your salon’s desktop or mobile in real time and let you quickly ping a message back.  gappt also offers an integrated online chat feature so you can have real-time interaction with your clients, helping to convert enquiries into appointments.


Developing a branded app for your salon with gappt gives you the freedom to create a tailored app that really lets your brand shine – unlike templated apps.  Its features provide a while new level of convenience to new and existing customers that will help you achieve much higher rates of engagement and greater awareness of everything your salon has to offer.  Then, the referrals functionality lets your clients do your marketing for you.


To find out more on how gappt-powered apps could build your salon’s client base, contact us today on 0207 4930333, or live chat on


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