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Think mobile apps are just gimmicks or a luxury for big brands?  Think again – gappt have developed a new breed of mobile app that can promote your business like never before.

1. A direct line to your customers

Having your brand on your customers’ mobiles means they carry you with them wherever they go, so you can deliver information directly into their hands – whenever you want.  And the more customers use your app, the less there is a need to stand on a street corner handing out leaflets to random passers-by.

2. Instantly actionable information

The easier it is to action something, the more people are likely to do it.  A gappt-powered app lets customers snap up promotions, send booking request,  bring up a GPS map with your location… and more, all at the touch of a button.  And if they can action something straight away, there’s less chance they’ll put it off or forget about it.

3. Maximum exposure – mobile is just the beginning!

Why limit your app’s audience to only those with mobile devices?  gappt-powered apps can also be used from desktops and laptop computers, and can even be embedded in your Facebook page, exposing it to all your Facebook fans.

4. Quick Messaging

Texting is more popular than phoning, so why not give customers the option to contact you that way?  If they don’t feel like phoning or simply want to fire off a quick message, your gappt-powered app will give them that freedom, and they’ll show their appreciation by using it.

5. Word of mouth gone social

The best way to get new customers is word of mouth.  gappt-powered apps make it easy for customers to recommend you at the touch of a button via Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS – and automatically include a link for them to download the app themselves.  People like to share, so make it easy for them.

Getting your own branded mobile app is easy, quick, and cost-effective (your app will soon pay for itself).  Find out more at

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