With clients being on their mobile devices 95% of their time, it makes sense to be where they are.  Up to recently branded platforms of communication were considered a luxury that only the most established brands could afford.  Not anymore. gappt has developed an accessible mobile platform that puts your business in your customers’ hands.

Here is how:

1. Brand your salon

When your customers download the app to their mobiles it means they that they can book appointments on the go.  An easy, efficient, reliable way of having your brand in front of their eyes.


2. Tell your stories

You can let your clients know about new services and products.

3. They can engage everywhere

It is not only through their mobile devices. gappt platform can be accessed from desktops, be embedded in your Facebook page, making it easier to engage with your Facebook fans.

4. Messages increase customer loyalty

Texting brings them closer to you, and you can build long lasting relationships.

5. The world is social

Customers love to share and they can do that at the touch of a button via Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS – to spread the word about your salon to their friends.