Visual of photo submission feature


Last month we brought you EasyPeasy Search, and now we’re excited to launch our latest feature: Photo Submission!

In this age of selfies and photo sharing, we’ve noticed more and more clients want to add photos to their requests, so we’ve made it super-easy on your app.

How does it work?

They can simply add one or more photos before submitting their request by tapping the little camera icon.  Voilà!  Your reception team can then view the picture(s) and share it with the stylist as they normally would.  Clients can also send photos at a later stage from the my requests area on the app.

So if they want to add a photo of a home hair dye disaster that needs urgent fixing or an example of the perfect hair up they’ve found, now they can simply attach it.  We’ve already seen one client send in a picture of her skin to help a beauty salon pick the best facial treatment for her!

The image below shows how the photo appears as part of the request that lands on reception.

Visual depicting a client request with a photo attached

How do I get Photo Submission?

You don’t need to do anything – Photo Submission will automatically be added to your app in the next few days, totally free of charge, on our gappt Pro, gappt Bespoke and Professional Services packages and it will automatically appear in your app over the next few days.  When it appears on your app, tell your clients about it (great opportunity to shout about your app again on social media ;-)).

As always, we love to get your feedback – let us know your thoughts on Photo Submission.

Keep an eye out for next month’s new feature: automated up-selling!