One of the key benefits of having your own gappt-powered app is that you can directly build your own audience. As your audience grows, you will receive more booking requests and fill last minute appointments quicker (especially those resulting from last minute cancellations). One of our clients has been particularly effective in doing this, so much so that he receives 95% of booking requests through his app and is typically booked out 2 to 3 months ahead. How did he manage this? Here’s what you can learn from him:


  • From the get go, he told every client ‘this is the best way to check my availability’ when they came in for treatment, communicating a clear reason for using the app
  • He sends out quarterly newsletters about his app, what it’s for and how to get it
  • He has side-tabs on his website directing visitors to his app (gappt provide these to all our clients – if you’re not sure how to get these, click here
  • He added his app’s download link to his email signature, calling it ‘Late availability & cancellation app’
By having a clear message about what his app is for, and being proactive about letting his clients know about it, he quickly gained a sizeable audience for it.  What’s more, the ease of managing booking requests has saved him hiring a PA!

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  1. I am the owner of Massaggi, a sports massage clinic in London. Since I have been using the Massaggi Gappt our clients requesting massage appointments with us has increased up to 50%. The Application is very easy to use and more importantly all our clients loved it.

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