How offering a little discretion can increase booking requests

Booking a Brazilian on a train

Not everyone wants to shout about getting their Botox topped up, having their nether regions trimmed, or what ailments they are suffering from – sometimes a little privacy is needed when booking an appointment.

But finding a private moment isn’t always easy for customers when they are at work, on a busy train, or out and about.  And if they can’t do it ‘in the moment’, they might put it off and forget, or find your business closed.

Beauty Be Mine, a beauty salon in Worcester Park, have found a solution to making bookings easy and discreet:

“Calling isn’t always an appropriate option when our customers want to make an appointment, so we let them ping off a quick request via our app or our website.  Our customers love it, especially when they’re at work – now they can book an intimate wax without anyone overhearing or knowing about it”, says Gillian Chapple from Beauty Be Mine.

Beauty Be Mine salon mobile app screenshots

And it’s proving to do more than just taking the awkwardness out of bookings:

“One thing we’ve noticed is that quite a number of requests are made late in the evening – perhaps they’re out with friends and planning another social event so they want to get a treatment in the diary.  Or maybe that’s the time they get to unwind and think about booking a treatment.  Either way, it just makes life easier when they can send a request out of hours, knowing we’ll pick it up first thing in the morning.  It’s that convenience and discretion that our customers find very attractive”

When you consider the popularity of messaging, you can see how it makes sense to add this as a ‘silent’ communication option for your customers – not only does it save them hassle, it also means they can make quick requests in a multitude of scenarios that otherwise would be out of bounds.  As a business, you open an additional channel to deliver your usual personable service while retaining control over how appointments get booked in (which is why we compliment booking systems so beautifully).

And that’s how you can let your customers score a Brazilian on a train, at work – or simply at home watching the World Cup (see what we did there?).


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