“It’s great to see that it’s actually bringing new clients through the door. To date, 20% of requests through gappt have been from new clients, without us doing anything.”

Ailsa Turner, Commercial Director, Conrad Blandford Hairdressing

Conrad Blandford, who previously spent nine years managing Charles Worthington’s Manhattan salon, recently went live with gappt’s solution to filling last minute availability in his sophisticated Sheffield salon. We caught up with Conrad’s Commercial Director Ailsa Turner and found they were reaping more rewards than they had initially expected.

Conrad Blandford website - 2 snapshots with quick request panel
Quick Request Panel on the Conrad Blandford Website

What made you decide to try gappt?

“We get a lot of sales calls from companies and it can be quite hard to sift through all these and determine which ones we should look at. When L’Oréal approached us to recommend gappt (we use L’Oréal Professional products), we paid attention and felt confident taking it on.”

What was the most appealing thing about the gappt service?

“It’s a combination of things really, but what stood out for us was the idea of having the Conrad Blandford logo sitting on our clients’ mobiles, instead of clients having to use a third-party-branded app or website through which they’d then have to find us.”

Having used it, what is the key thing about gappt that stands out for you?

“We are very impressed with how it looks and the easy of use. It’s so easy to use. We already have online booking, and it is very popular, but with gappt there’s no registering or logging in and you can see the availability straight up, so it’s quicker and more straightforward, there’s less effort for our clients. It’s great tool for clients to be able to make spur of the moment bookings.”

Conrad Blandford snapshots
Conrad’s Quick Request Panel shows availability at a glance

What is gappt helping you do that you couldn’t do before?

“It’s really helping us to manage our enquiries, particularly when it comes to reducing the time we spend on the phones so our reception team can spend more time with clients. It’s also helping to fill any late availability we have – over a third of requests through gappt are for same day or next day appointments. And our clients love being able to track their stylist’s availability.”

What other benefits are you seeing that you weren’t necessarily expecting?

“We initially thought of gappt as a service that would work well for our existing clients, but it’s great to see that it’s actually bringing new clients through the door. To date, 20% of requests through gappt have been from new clients, without us doing anything.

A really big thing we noticed is how much our stylists love it. They are all self-employed and don’t have access to our main booking system, but can now check our Conrad Blandford app to see what their day or week looks like. If they get a client calling them directly they can now check their schedule and see if they can fit them in. Our end, we can also tell which stylists are telling their clients about it as they’re getting more requests, so it’s a great marketing tool for themselves. They all have it on their own phones.”

How would you summarise gappt in one sentence?

“It’s a really easy way to have your own personalised service for clients to book appointments in a way that suits with their lifestyles.”

Conrad Blandford Mobile app
Clients can receive ‘availability alerts’ for their stylist of choice

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