We are very proud to announce that Premier Software Solutions have selected gappt as their go-to partner for short-notice availability and mobile app technology. This means clients of Premier Software can now display their free appointments they most want to fill by virtue of a ‘shop window’ on their website and their clients’ mobiles. Clients can also be auto-notified when cancellations come in.

With over twenty-two years of experience in supplying appointment booking and marketing software, Premier Software understands the need to develop their range of products and help modern salons and spas succeed. Their clients can now benefit from gappt’s innovative solutions thanks to seamless integrations with Premier Spa and Premier Salon packages, so there’s no need to maintain separate appointment books.

We already have a lot of happy clients who use both gappt and Premier Software, and we’re very excited that we’ll now be able to work closely together to maximise the potential of both systems to our clients” – AJ Toor, Co-Founder, CTO gappt

Working with gappt we can now offer our clients the best in breed when it comes to mobile technology and a new slick way to show availability and take quick requests. Together we can help modernise the industry” – Mike Ball , CTO, Premier Software

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The collaboration revolutionises the way businesses can manage their availability, communicate with customers and fill their white space. A number of salons and spas are already reaping the rewards of using the Premier Software / gappt service, and it’s only the beginning. Further development aimed at bringing the two platforms even closer together to offer new functionality and convenience to both clients and reception teams is already under way. Watch this space!

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Watch a short video to see how gappt works.