“I was quite surprised how excited all of our team have been about having the app. And very enthusiastic about getting it to their clients, getting people to download it. But also for us [the salon] it just means that it’s an easier way to get our name out there and to get more and more people to share our brand.”

– Paul Percival, Co-owner, Percy & Reed

Useful tip: print this Print icon guide for stylists and hang it where they will always see it!

Every stylist likes to be busy or ‘in demand’, but encouraging them to actively sell their availability can be tricky as they’re naturally more inclined to focus on the art of hairdressing itself. Moreover, salon owners would prefer their stylists to build a client following and promote their availability under the salon brand, not the stylist’s own personal touch points (like their social media profiles). What tools can be used to help the stylist sell their time while promoting the salon brand, without making them feel like they have to be all ‘sales-y’?

One thing we hear time and time again from our clients is how their teams get quite excited about having a salon-branded app that makes it easy for clients to scan stylist-specific availability (which you choose to share – there is no need to expose the full diary). It has a certain ‘wow’ factor, especially when staff download the app themselves and start receiving availability alerts with their own names showing. When they see how it makes their clients’ lives easier and their own columns busier, they naturally begin to share it with customers. In doing so, you get your salon brand onto your clients’ mobiles, and clients themselves feel more of a personal connection – everyone’s a winner!

“Our clients love being able to follow their stylists – it’s all they want really, to know when they’re free” – Helen LeRose, Co-owner, The Salon

1. The app should become part of every conversation, as clients can check availability for a specific team member.

Comic strip showing availability checking feature

2. Clients can switch on alerts to be notified if new slots become available.

Comic strip showing notifications feature

3. Clients can book a chosen slot with their favourite stylist/colourist in a few clicks.

Download app cartoon

Useful tip: print this Print icon guide for stylists and hang it where they will always see it!

The app engages customers even after they’ve gone out the door. That’s why all stylists should show the app to every person who sits down in a chair if they want to secure future bookings. Establishing a connection through something as personal as a mobile phone creates a level of intimacy and loyalty. And that means business!

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