Visual showing the EasyPeasy Search feature on a smartphone


At gappt HQ, we’re always looking to make your clients’ booking experience easier and more intuitive.  After all, the easier it is to book, the more bookings you’ll get!  And so we’re very pleased to launch EasyPeasy Search – the perfect way for your clients to find their ideal appointment, quickly!


How does it work?

A client searches for blow dry appointments

On the appointment page of your app, you’ll now notice a little search icon.  Tapping this reveals a search bar at the top where clients can type in multiple keywords to instantly narrow down the availability shown.  They can type in:

  • the name of a service
  • the name of a stylist / therapist
  • the time of day
  • or any combination of these!

E.g. typing in ‘blow, Sarah, eve’ will only show Sarah’s available evening slots for a blow dry or cut and blow dry.  Easy!

A client searches for evening blow dry appointments

How do I get EasyPeasy Search?

You don’t need to do anything – EasyPeasy Search is automatically part of  your app, totally free of charge, on our gappt Pro, gappt Bespoke and Professional Services packages.  Check it out on your own app 😉


Did you know…

By 2020, ease of use will be a more important factor to clients than price and product when making buying decisions.  Stick with gappt and you’ll always be at the forefront of the game!