Visual showing the Message Centre feature on salon mobile apps provided by gappt

Ever wished you had an inbox on your clients’ mobiles dedicated just to you?

One that doesn’t get clogged up with messages or clutter from anybody else?

One that you can deliver any type of message to – including SMS, promotions, pictures, videos, PDFs, push notifications?

Just think how easy it would be for your clients to have all your communication sitting neatly together in one place, easy to view at a glance, available at the touch of a button with your name on it.  No more wading through emails or scrolling through texts!

That’s exactly what Message Centre is – a new feature on your app that gives clients an instant, direct and clutter free way to check:

  • requested appointments
  • availability alerts
  • sms conversations
  • push notifications
  • promotional content (pictures, videos, PDFs, etc)

After all, the easier it is for your clients to get to the information you want them to see, the more likely they’ll act upon it.

Visual showing how the Message Centre feature works on salon mobile apps provided by gappt

Message Centre gives you proper ‘Push Power’

One of the beauties of Message Centre is how it manages push notifications (those free messages you can send out that pop up right on your clients’ mobiles).  It resolves a couple of annoying bug bears with push notifications:

  • once read, they normally just ‘disappear’ without there being a way to get back to them
  • any unread notifications are swallowed up in a list of other unread notifications from various other apps, making them hard to spot
  • sometimes people dismiss a push notification by mistake and then can’t get back to it

Message Centre solves these bug bears by safely storing your push notifications right on your branded app, so nothing gets lost and clients can easily find and review them in their own time.  They can even specify which particular push notifications they want to receive from you via a handy opt-in menu, so they only get the info they really want.

Overall, Message Centre makes your info much stickier, easier to action and specific to their interests – it adds a lot more ‘push power’.

Why are push notifications are so great?

  • they are free to send, saving you money on SMS
  • they have a higher opening rate than email
  • they don’t involve the faff of putting together a newsletter
  • you can send out push notification for special offers, events, new products, to promote new team members, or any other news

Keep your eyes out for our next blog post that will show you how to harness The Power Of Push.


Visual showing how the 3 different ways clients are notified of new messages on salpn mobile apps provided by gappt

How does Message Centre work?

On a gappt Bespoke app, clients will see Message Centre sitting on your app’s home screen.  On a gappt Pro app, it appears on the app’s side menu.

Tapping the Message Centre brings up all communication they’ve had from you.  They can check details of appointment requests they’ve made, booking confirmations they’ve had from you, respond to messages, check a notification about an new offer or event, and set their notification preferences.

To make sure that clients don’t miss any new messages, a red badge will appear on the app icon, inside the app, and a small bell will also appear on the app’s  calendar page to prompt the client to check their Message Centre.

How can I get Message Centre on my app?

Message Centre will automatically appear on your app over the next couple of days.  You don’t need to do anything – it’s part of your monthly subscription if you are on gappt Progappt Bespoke, or one of our Professional Services packages.  You don’t need to pay anything either – it’s a gift from gappt 😉

Please note: if you’re on gappt Pro, your ‘push power’ is limited to availability & cancellation alerts.  To get full push power, upgrade to gappt Bespoke or one of our Professional Services packages.