grouped icons

There is now a new way to group multiple pages together under 1 icon on your homescreen, which can help de-clutter your app’s homescreen and make it easier for customers to find certain information.  For example, you may have 3 salons but only want one icon on the homescreen (e.g. ‘Our Salons’) that then reveals the individual salons.  Or perhaps you want separate calendars for individual therapists, grouped under an ‘Appointments’ icon.

Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Once you have logged in, go to ‘manage home screen
  2. Tick the boxes in front of the page names to select the pages you wish to group
  3. Click the ‘group pages’ button
  4. An outline will appear around the grouped pages, with a generic thumbnail and ‘Untitled Group’ in the title.  You can change the thumbnail  by clicking it, and the title by double clicking it.

To remove pages from the group or add existing pages, simply drag and drop.  When you drag all pages out of the group, the group and its corresponding homescreen icon will automatically be deleted.

The visual above shows how this works on Sam’s Beauty  app.

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