You should take singer Adele’s advice on owning the channel of communications with your consumer base.

Her success in acquiring and maintaining a fan base results from the use of branded social platforms to engage with her consumers in very meaningful ways. allows you to do just that.

One of the main benefits of having a branded app is that you can strengthen your relationship with existing clients and grow your client base.

Our clients have been doing this, and noticed a substantial increase of booking requests. How did they do it?

They tell every client that the best channel to check appointment availability with them is through the app.  Unlike traditional booking apps gappt does not  expose the full diary – the salon remains in control of the booking confirmation process.  This unique feature provides the perfect balance between convenience,  control for the salon,  while retaining a personal touch.  It also increases clients’ awareness of the services and products offered by the salon.

Once their customers see the convenience of booking they also discover that they can actually build a closer relationship, they can ask questions, and discuss possible treatments and styles.

All this before they get to the salon, so when they arrive for their appointment they are already in sync, having briefed the stylist in the changes he/she wants to make, and having received trusted, professional advice.

Stylists benefit from being proactive about letting their clients know about this new channel of communication, gaining trust and taking client loyalty to a whole new level. It is technology enabling people to make meaningful connections.

The cost of new customer acquisition is lowered too. Clients themselves can recommend and share the app to their friends with the touch of a button. And the best clients are usually those who are recommended, the level of trust that springs from word-of-mouth in unbeatable. For it is trust that underscores the best, long term, business relationships.

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