Picture of a gappt mobile app embedded into a Facebook page


Now you can maximise exposure to your app and capitalise on your existing Facebook audience by placing your gappt-powered app right inside your Facebook page. All visitors to your Facebook page will be able to access the fully working app inside your Facebook page on both desktops and mobile devices, and use it to:

  • request appointments and view last-minute availability
  • read about your services
  • snap up promotional offers
  • find out about businesses you partner with and snap up cross-promotions
  • recommend the app via email and social media
  • leave testimonials
  • and more…!

You’ll receive notifications as usual when they send messages or make requests.


Picture of a tab on a Facebook page directing visitors to the embedded gappt mobile app
A tab underneath your timeline cover will direct Facebook visitors to the app, as shown in the visual above.  The app itself will appear just as it does on your app’s micro-page, with options to download the app onto mobile devices and share it with the rest of the Facebook community. This is a fantastic way to expose your app to a large number of people and make its added value available to those who don’t have access to smart-phones or tablets.  And the more people use your app, the more you will reap the rewards! See a live demo of how it works on our own Facebook page for the  ‘Sam’s Beauty App’. And while you’re there, give us a ‘like’!  www.facebook.com/gappt.news To get your app embedded in your Facebook page, simply get in touch and we’ll do it for you.

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