It’s better than email – quicker and more convenient. When a customer makes a request, you’ll receive an instant alert on your desktop. It’s very discreet so it won’t interfere with your work. Clicking the alert will bring up the request details in a small window from which you can send a quick SMS to the customer confirming the appointment (or you can call them back). You then pop the appointment in your booking system or diary as you would with a phone call.

SMS is quick, convenient and clients like simple small messages to communicate with you instantly (SMS has been the most popular way to communicate for a number of years now). It's also much quicker for reception to book clients in this way compared to having to check their inbox.

Not neccessarily, gappt can send appointment alerts direct to your mobile device if you prefer from which you can also respond and put up new availability (Apple devices only).

No, you can easily use gappt without an electronic point of sale system - simply put up any free appointments as and when required directly through the gappt platform

Yes, gappt can integrate with most major booking systems provided your database is stored on your local server. When integrated, gappt will automatically pick up changes in your appointment book to promote your last-minute availability to your clients via your website, your clients' mobiles and your social media channels.

The average business using the gappt platform is receiving 30 bookings a month and over £1,500 worth of business. In addition 20% of those bookings are from new clients who visit your website

Absolutely NOT! Unless you want to run a promotion, why discount before you have to? We encourage you to market your availability to those wanting to come in, who'll appreciate the quality of your service and are happy to pay the full price, rather than attracting the dreaded 'coupon clippers'.

You can start promoting your last-minute availability to new and regular clients through your website in a matter of hours with gappt for web and gappt for social. gappt for mobile is typically delivered in only two weeks.

Firstly, gappt makes new and regular clients aware of your last minute availability as it changes in real-time (through your website, their mobiles, and your social media channels). This way, you can drive demand to specific availability you have, rather than leaving it up to chance for clients to book themselves in at the times you want them to. Secondly, with gappt clients communicate directly with reception to secure an appointment, giving reception the flexibility to squeeze clients in, move appointments around to fit the appointment in, or deal with more complex bookings like colour appointments. Online booking involves more searching for the client, they may not get the appointment they want, and if there are changes to your availability they wont be made aware and you've lost a booking.

gappt keeps the control firmly within your business by allowing you to communicate directly with clients so you can check if they've had a patch test, ask about the length of hair or any other information you need before confirming the appointment.

No, you can just opt to use one solution such as gappt for web. We do recommend using the whole platform as businesses receive 6 x the bookings with the combination of gappt for web, mobile, and social - this can all be phased in at your own pace.

Yes, simply login to the gappt platform. How much you can edit the app depends on the package you subscribe to. If you are time poor and would rather we make changes for you, you can purchase a number of design and content services.

Yes absolutely - contact us for more details.

No, the quick request panel won’t affect the appearance or performance of your website. A simple line of code is all that’s needed to add it to your website.

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