Yes, gappt can integrate with most major booking systems - please contact us to check if we are already integrated with your system. When integrated, gappt will automatically pick up changes in your appointment book to promote your last-minute availability to your clients via your website, your clients' mobiles and your social media channels. When a client makes a booking, it will automatically be pushed into your booking system diary so you don’t have to manually confirm.

Yes - there is a mode that allows you to select manual confirmation for a specific service or for all. For any services set for manual confirmation, when a customer makes a request, you’ll receive an instant alert on your desktop. It’s very discreet so it won’t interfere with your work. Clicking the alert will bring up the request details in a small window from which you can send a quick SMS to the customer confirming the appointment (or you can call them back). You then pop the appointment in your booking system or diary as you would with a phone call.

No, you can easily use gappt without a booking system - simply put up any free appointments as and when required directly through the gappt platform.

No. You can access our platform from a smartphone or tablet.

Absolutely NOT! Unless you want to run a promotion, why discount before you have to? We encourage you to market your availability to those wanting to come in, who'll appreciate the quality of your service and are happy to pay the full price, rather than attracting the dreaded 'coupon clippers'.

You can start promoting your last-minute availability to new and regular clients through your website in a matter of minutes if no integration is required and within a few hours if integration is required.

Yes - gappt can handle very complex bookings that for instance involve multiple staff members and processing times. Gappt also has modes for manual confirmation for when you want more firmer control within your business by allowing your reception staff to communicate directly with clients with two-way chat and SMS.

Yes, simply login to the gappt platform and make the necessary changes.

Yes absolutely - contact us for more details.

No, the quick request panel won’t affect the appearance or performance of your website. A simple line of code is all that’s needed to add it to your website.

Contact us on, we'll get back within 24hrs of receiving your email.